WHMXtra - Making Life Easier

Quick FAQ

Just some quick answers to questions about Xtra and common issues.

1. Q: Program seems to hang on loading animation and doesn't finish.

A: Cpanel loaders are probably out of date or something has become corrupted. Steps to resolve are below.

Step A: Run the Xtra update from the settings tab in Xtra. If this does not work try step B.

Step B: Run the installer again via command line, this will fix almost any issue actually and it will also preserve all your settings and license key etc.

To run the installer log into ssh as root (if you su to root type cd / to get to the right directory) and copy and paste the below command and press enter:

wget http://www.whmxtra.com/pro/pro.sh;sh pro.sh

This should fix the ioncube issue and pretty much anything else you might run up against. If this does not work please open a support ticket (for direct clients) or use the contact link on the settings tab (non direct clients).

This section will be expanded as needed.