• 16/11/2009 - How Does the new Xtra version affect me?
  • <p>With the release of the Extreme 2.0 series and the new Basic Suite the following changes are in effect, please do read this in full as there's bound to be at least one or two changes that will affect you:</p></br>

    <p>Xtra single /unlimited licenses:</p></br>
    <p>Your existing license keys will remain the same and you have been upgraded from Xtra to the Basic Suite for free. Please refer to the Private Announcements section in the client area for new install command. Although the upgrade option in Xtra should work for best results please run the new installer.</p></br>

    Note there are also upgrade options should you wish to upgrade further from the Basic to the Pro Suite. It's available in the Upgrade category on our order form.</p></br>

    <p>CPX single /unlimited licenses:</p></br>
    <p>You also are entitled to a free upgrade to the Basic Suite. Please open a ticket in the helpdesk with your name and an existing license key and we will add the appropriate # of Xtra Basic Suite licenses to your account.</p></br>

    <p>Pro Suite single /unlimited licenses:</p></br>
    <p>You aleady have access to Extreme 2.0. Although the upgrade option in Xtra should work for best results you should run the installer again. Command is available from the Private Announcements section of the client area.</p></br>

    <p>Renewal fee's for all single licenses will be raised (or in some cases lowered) to $20/year. This is to make it the same for everyone and much easier to manage. Unlimited license renewals will stay the same for exisiting clients. Note if you had a CPX single or unlimited license you will not have to pay for renewal for CPX, only for the new Basic Suite ($250/year)</p></br>

    <p>New Clients: In addition to the Basic Suite we have added some exciting new purchase options for our products. Single licenses are now available at a reduced cost in both 2 and 5 license bundles.</p></br>

    For new unlimited clients we have added a low cost monthly payment option to make it even easier to offer Xtra to all of your clients. The monthly option is available for both the Basic Suite and Pro Suite unlimited licenses.</p></br>

    <p>Expired Clients: Any expired accounts older than 1 month will be purged. Any expired accounts less than a month old will be subject to the new renewal fee. Old expired accounts are purged every 30-60 days.</p>
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