Note: You must enable php for resellers in WHM tweak settings menu for them to be able to use the UI.

Note: All features can be enabled/disabled via our ACL system in the UI module settings area (must be logged in as root to see and use the settings area).

Current features include:

LMD: Enables resellers to scan their own account with LMD. Currently it applies to reseller only, eventually we'll add the ability for resellers to scan all accounts they own.

Account Transfers: Transfer and restore wizards to help resellers migrate their accounts to or from one server to another without needing the root or account password. Xtra reseller UI required on both servers for it to work.

Backup/Restore: Allow resellers to make backups to their web space and restore any uploaded backups.

Manage Backups: Just a means to remove backups stored via the above feature.

Server Backups: Allow resellers to restore their own sites from the servers local backup directory. Resellers can only see and restore accounts they own.

Multiple Accounts: Allows resellers to create multiple accounts all in 1 go without having to create each account one at a time.


Admin end (for root users only):

Manage ACL's: Edit the default ACL and create custom ACL's for features resellers can or cannot access. Note any changes to ACL's via manage acl's will apply to all resellers currently using the specific ACL.

Manage Resellers: Add or remove Xtra reseller UI access for each reseller they wish to have access to the UI. Also requires it to be activated via WHM Reseller Center (see instructions after install, step 5 to be exact).

Change Reseller ACL: Select resellers to change the ACL for.